Frequently Asked Questions:

  • It doesn't install!
  • Make sure you have installed the .NET Framework 2 and try again in a couple of minutes. If it still doesn't work visit this link, download the latest version, unzip and run it from your desktop.

  • How do I get the facebook backup file?
  • Followthis guide.

  • What does *this* setting mean?
  • While I make a detailed page of the settings explanation you can read this blog entry about my other program Extra Stats.

  • Why don't make an online application for this?
  • Because that would mean you would have to send your chat history files over the internet. You don't want that, right? besides the graph generation requires a lot of CPU power that would be very expensive to provide online.

  • Why don't you make a mac version?
  • I don't have time to do it. If enough people donate I may be able to look at this sometime in the future.

    If you didn't find the solution to your problem or you want to suggest a feature post a message in the discussions page in facebook.