Why C26K?

The second blog post was sooner than I expected, ha!

I have been setting up everything in the site and I'm torn between using my real name, David, in the left panel or my internet name C26000, hence C26K. I think I will leave my C26K for a while. And where this strange robot-like name comes from? Well, it's a short story:

Long time ago when I first got internet my imagination was clearly lacking so when I set up my first internet account , I think it was in amazon.com, I just put together all the songs that had numbers from my favorite band at the time: Spineshank!

30 minutes later ...

After running around my apartment at 4 am jumping, headbanging, lip syncing, remembering and loving as it was the first time some Spineshank songs I must continue :). So I put together all the songs with numbers in them and I ended up with a amazon login like this C26000_40B_28, then I just dropped the _40B_28 part (At least I had common sense!) and I ended up with just C26000 that I used from my last.fm account and there after in all the other sites.

The problem with this name is that actually it comes from the song Cyanide 2600 which is actually the songs I like less from spineshank and I had it tagged wrong in my library as Cyanide C26000 (note the 3 zeros) so.. My internet name is something like an abreviation of the mistyped least favorite song of one of my favorite bands, or something like that.