My Projects Extra Stats Extra Stats was very popular from 2007 to 2010. It calculates many cool stats with your music listening history.

My Own ERP

The software that allows me the free time I have and the biggest program I have ever written. It allows my family bussiness to run almost automatically. It will never be released.

Age of Empires II Study

(Soon) Since the first time I played AOE2 in 2000 I wanted to thoroughly study it to design economic strategies and predict battles results. I finally got to do some of it.

Strenght Training

(Soon) I like to train for strenght, but I found that I also enjoy writing carefully balanced workout programs, I will publish some of them soon.

Social Waves

A small spin-off of Extra Stats that first used to graph your MSN Messenger chat history and after it died I changed it to graph your Facebook chat history. It never got popular due to obvious usability problems, but it still works.


(Suspended) A very powerful financial charts analysis and simulation tool. It includes charting, back and fordward testing, automatic indicators, artificial inteligence optimization and more. After doing a bunch of simulations I'm starting to think that short term forex trading is like a visit to the casino, so I'll leave this in hold for a while.


I have mixed feelings about this project. It was my first 'Big Project'. It's a music library designed for handling full albums with a lot of innovative functions but I never got to release it when I finished working on it in 2010. Since then times have changed... but if it wasn't for all what I learned in it, none of the other projects would had been possible.