Age of Empires II Study

(Soon) Since the first time I played AOE2 in 2000 I wanted to thoroughly study it to design economic strategies and predict battles results. I finally got to do some of it.

Strenght Training

(Soon) I like to train for strenght, but I found that I also enjoy writing carefully balanced workout programs. Extra Stats Extra Stats was very popular from 2009 to 2012. It calculates many cool stats with your music listening history.

Social Waves

A small spin-off of Extra Stats that first used to graph your MSN Messenger chat history and after it died I changed it to graph your Facebook chat history. It never got popular but it still works.


(Soon) A very powerful financial charts analysis and simulation tool. It includes charting, back and fordward testing, automatic indicators, artificial inteligence optimization and more.


I will be honest, I HATE building websites, still because my work I had to make a couple. This is the one I'm most proud off. I also made the full brand identity design, I did enjoyed that part.

MicroEmpresa Ops

The software that allows me the free time I have and the biggest program I have ever written. It allows my family bussiness to run almost automatically. It will never be released.


I have mixed feelings about this project. It was my first "Big Project". It's a music library designed for handling full albums with a lot of innovative functions but I never got to release when I finished working on it in 2010. Since then times have changed so I'm not sure now. I think that before it needs an update.